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Xiaoman Lu is now a master student at the International Institute for Earth System Science, Nanjing University. Her research interest is updating forest aboveground biomass(AGB) and carbon stock using process-based ecological model (BEPS) driven by multi-source remotely sensed data. , and has successfully derived the AGB and carbon stock for the world’s typical regions from 2006 to 2012.




2014/9 - now, Master student, Nanjing University (NJU)

2014/6  B.Sc.   Xingyang Normal University




 Tel/Fax: 86-25-8968-1031  
 Email: luxmnju@163.com
  4th floor, Kunshan Building,
 Xianlin Campus, Nanjing University

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1. Lu, X. M., Zheng, G., Ju, W.M. Assessing the effects of forest background reflectance on retrieving leaf area index. International Journal of Applied Observation and Geoinformation. (in preparation)