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Lidar workgroup @ Nanjing University



Zengxin Yun is now a master student at the International Institute for Earth System Science in the Nanjing University.Now he works with Dr. Guang Zheng to develop algorithms of tree crown segmentation based on point cloud data generated from both aerial and terrestrial laser scanning techniques.




2016/9-now, Master student Nanjing University(NJU)
2016/6 B.Sc. Henan Polytechnic University(HPU)





 Tel/Fax: 86-25-8968-1031  
 Email: yzx_nju@163.com
  4th floor, Kunshan Building,
 Xianlin Campus, Nanjing University

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1.Zengxin Yu, G.Zheng. An improved algorithm for delineating tree crowns using the point cloud data genreated from both terrestiral and aerial laser scanning. (in preparation)